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Frost Valley

Zach's left eye

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- Ethan, just eat a plain bagel.
- Fuck that shit!

all-male hugs, bathroom talks, big tree field, breakfast bar, cabin rejects, chapstick, cheering, cit, claryville, clivus, dale whitaker, dale whittaker, dan carr, duct tape, ethan dropkin, falling on hooks, fat kids, firebushes, frost valley, frost valley food, glen ridge, hird, joe elliot, josh bloom can't run, kresge, lorenzo, makin' purple, matt buczek, mike gedarian (psyche!), mini punk boy, montclair, moon, moulin rouge, old man hands, olympix, pac, pac the musical, peace park, peeing on big tree, ranch camp, rest hour, rhonda mcnamara, rocksteady, ryan petch, ryan the photo guy, shaqueera, shaquira, sharing beds, smelling like crap, summer, summer camp, sunburn, sycamore, the kitchen staff, the renegades, windsong, winter camp, yatir, zachary epolito