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when I was a kid ... back in the mid 1980's my family and friends of the family use to go up to Frost Valley in the winter time for a weekend to celebrate christmas time. It was always a really awesome weekend because Frost Valley is in the middle of nowhere and there was so much snow and the wire bridge is beautiful in the wintertime ... not to mention, ice fishing, playing hockey with broomsticks and the giant christmas tree they put up every year in the lodge where they served food. I only ever visited the castle once ... because, well ... let's face it... unless you've never seen The Others, The Amityville Horror, 13 Ghosts, The Shining ... unless you've never even considered the possibilty of the supernatural... then you have to admit, The Castle in the winter time is fucking creepy and a little too spooky!

I always really loved the food ... the peanut butter cookies and applebutter was AMAZING.

now ... many years later, looking back on my childhood I was really blessed because that was the 1980's man... the age of Wallstreet, Ronald Reagan, Cocaine, Donald Trump, Gentrification ... i.e. the death of the best progressive ideals/politics of the 1960's ... the death of the peace & love generation. Jerry Rubin became a wallstreet power broker in the 1980s (nuff sed!). So it was in the good nature of my parents that my childhood was filled with fond memories of a simpler, quieter more zen like way of life. If only for a weekend every wintertime.
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