Jihad Jo (enihpesoj) wrote in frost_valley,
Jihad Jo


Does anyone know how to get New York working papers if you don't live in New York?
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get new jersey ones.
The info that I got in the mail today said that you need New York ones.

Also, add me...it's Josephine.
i dont know since i am from ny, but im going to be a JC too where are u working?

im working in mac
I'm working on the farm.

Have me mail you some?
or have FV mail you some. But I think I might be able to get some at the main office in school or something or town hall... being that I'm from NY.
that would actually be pretty amazing, if it doesn't involve any trouble...

although I might be able to get them online.

we'll see. (thanks)
yeah, just comment on my journal or e-mail me or something if you can't find them anywhere else and i'll see what i can do.