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hope this makes people feel better..

ive been thinking about this whole JC thing.
and yeah, im upset but i just have to be thankful for what i got last year.

i never believed that the CIT year could be that amazing. I didnt truly understand the experiance or how cleaning the dining hall could be fun.
but after i was a CIT i would do everything all over again.
I would go on the hike in a second, because that was the best part of the whole thing.
The people i met and became so close with i wouldnt trade for the world.

im sure you guys all agree that at camp you are yourself, and I can talk to my camp friends about things i couldnt even tell my home friends.

im sure the other CIT's would agree- i wouldnt trade my CIT experiance for ANYTHING..not even to be a JC this year.
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