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This was an e-mail sent out by Joe Elliot. It's so sad, especially the last line. Then again, I might just be overly nostalgic since I'm not going back this summer for the first time in forever. (If any of you want the contact information he gave out, contact me because I didn't want to put it up here. e-mail: illeatyouwhole@yahoo.com or aim: parodyofangel)

Subject: Time for one last circle

Greetings from Frost Valley YMCA!
Well boys and girls, there comes a point in every persons life when the
signs are on the wall......
A couple of weeks ago, I found out my sign was on the wall.
That is why with a very heavy heart and plenty of reservations, I have told
Matt and Frost Valley YMCA that I will be leaving Feb 18 and will not be
coming back. I know that for some, you might have been able to see
this coming, and for others, this might come as a complete shock. Unfortunately their has been some unfortunate incidents that have made me come to the conclusion that it is best for me to pack it in and head out. I am not sure what my path will really show me and at times I am pretty scared and nervous. I would like nothing more to the head out west in a few months, but for the time between that, I will be moving down to North Carolina with my dog.
I know that whatever happens to me in the next few years, that Frost Valley YMCA has been my home for the past 16 summers. I feel as though in leaving, I leave with the fondest of memories here at Frost Valley Summer Camp. You have all played a great role in making this place I call home a great home. I hope that in the future, you will all be able to look back at Frost Valley with the same great memories that I have. Regardless if you are still here in a few years or leading your own new adventure, know that Frost Valley will always be a place that you can call home.
I hope and wish that you can all enjoy this summer and the summers in the future, and know that in my opinion, you make this place better every summer. It has been a privilege and an honor to be able to get to know all of you and call you my friends and family. I hope that we can all stay in touch in the future and still be able to talk from time to time. I am sure that I will be interested in your lives outside of FV just as much as your lives inside of FV. Remember, if you are ever in NC, please give me a ring, my number is ___________ and I will be able to receive e-mails at ____________ after Feb. 18th.
My new mailing address will be:
Take care and good luck.
Once last hug or hand shake for you all....
Joe Elliot
Take care and good luck.
Once last hug or hand shake for you all....
Joe Elliot
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